Established in 1998, Space Case is the original high-end aluminum grinder proudly made in the USA.  While we have many firsts that we introduced to the market such as magnets, what we pride ourselves on is simple, to consistently produce high quality products made in the USA.

I have over 40-years’ experience as a machinist with an aerospace background and have manufactured detailed parts used in items ranging from surgical equipment to the Space Shuttle. Precision and quality is a part of our DNA and we put that knowledge to use in your Space Case products.

For over 25 years, we have designed, prototyped, manufactured and shipped every single Space Case product from San Clemente, CA. Our aluminum is not your everyday aluminum. We have partnered with an American brand and exclusively use the special series of aluminum milled in America which we helped develop.

Our promise to you is simple, we stand behind our products with a limited lifetime warranty and we will continue producing the world’s finest grinders right here in the USA.